Nachos/Hot Dogs




Bazaar & Novelty offers all you will need for perfect grab and go nachos.  We carry a variety of dispensors, warmers, chips, cheese and more.  




Bazaar & Novelty carries two different types of cheese warmers - one for low volume and one for high volume.  Our most popular is the 3.5oz cheese cup warmer which is designed to hold our 3.5oz prepackged cheese cups.  This allows for little to no waste of the cheese which is great for those with a lower volume.  The next option we carry is the larger pouch dispensors which are ideal for high volume locations such as hockey rinks or stores near schools.  




An example of our most popular model!  Chips and cheese may not be exactly as shown.  


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Bazaar & Novelty carries all the food supplies and accesories you will need to run your nacho program.  With most of our products being proportioned to the right sizes, it allows you to keep costs under control and waste little product.  We have the following options: 


  • 3oz Portion Nacho Chips

  • 3.5oz Portion Nacho Cheese Cups(48/cs)

  • Bulk 110oz Nacho Cheese (4/cs)

  • Paper Nacho Trays 

  • 4oz Nacho Trays (special order)

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Hot Dog Roller Grills/Products


Bazaar & Novelty carries several varieties of hot dog cookers.  The most popular and easiest to maintain is the roller grill from Cretors.  These machines are welded together and have only one moving part to make them easy to use and easy to maintain.  We offer them in two sizes - our small one which can hold up to 25-30 hot dogs and the larger double roller grill which can hold 50-55 hot dogs at once.  We also stock sneeze guards and bun steamers to go with either roller grill. 




 Food Products/Accessories


Bazaar & Novelty has a variety of products to satisfy all your customers that come through the door.  And it's not just limited to hot dogs and smokies!  Our options are as follows: 


  • Harvest Meat All Beef Wiener 4/lb

  • Harvest Meat All Beef Wiener 8/lb

  • Harvest meat Smokies 4/lb

  • Harvest Meat Cooked Bratwurst 4/lb

  • Buffalo Ranch Chicken Roller Bite

  • Grilled Chicken & Cheese Taquito 

  • Cheesey Pepper Jack Taquito

  • Shredded Steak & Cheese Taquito

  • Crispy Taters

  • Large Foil Hot Dog Bag

  • White Paper Hot Dog Bag


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