Ice Cream Accessories


Ice Cream Accessories


Our largest selection of ice cream products can be found here in our ice cream accessories section.  Any ice cream store needs all the right ice cream supplies to go with it!  We offer a large variety of dishes, cups, spoons, milkshake syrups and more.  Below is a list of some of the items we stock though we have many more to offer!


Sundae Dishes & Spoons

  • Banana Split Dishes 8/12oz

  • Parfait Dishes 9/12oz

  • Sundae Dishes 5/8oz

  • 8" Soda Spoon

  • 5" Sundae Spoons


General Supplies

  • Stainless Steel Milkshake Cups

  • Plastic Milkshake Collar

  • 1oz Ladles/Milkshake Pumps

  • Carry Out Cone Trays 


Topping Machines

  • 4 Flavour Syrup Rail

  • Twin Fudge Warmer

  • Cone Dipping Well 

  • Single/Double/Triple Dip Server


Cold Cups/Lids/Straws

  • 12/16/22/32oz Cold Drink/Milkshake Cups

  • 12/16/22oz Flat Lids

  • 32oz Flat Lid

  • 8" Drink Straw/Jumbo Straws

  • 8" Spoonstraw


Milkshake Syrups

  • Butter Rum, Cappuccino, Vanilla, Strawberry, Blue Raspberry, Orange, Pink Lemonade, Grape, Banana

  • Pineapple, Cherry, Lime, Chocolate, Root Beer, Blueberry, Peach, Pina Colada, Licorice, Malt





For anymore information or to place an order please contact us here.  


Ice Cream Syrup Toppings




We also carry a variety of chocolate/caramel toppings.  Our selection is as follows:


  • Caramel 

  • Chocolate Enrober

  • Butterscotch

  • Hot Chocolate Fudge 

  • Hot Caramel

  • Chocolate 

  • Maple Walnut 


We also carry a variety of fruit toppings.  Our selection is as follows: 


  • Blueberry
  • Cherry
  • Raspberry
  • Pineapple
  • Strawberry
  • Spiced Apple
  • Saskatoon Berry