Coffee/Coffee Cups


We offer a variety of Boyd's Coffee blends from light roasts to dark organic; we have a bit of everything.  We are the sole Boyd's coffee distributor in Northwestern Ontario.  Along with the coffee, we carry a line of insulated and paper coffee cups.  For more information about our coffee/coffee cup lines please click here.  


Hot Cappuccino

Another product we offer from Boyd's is our hot cappuccino.  We have a variety of hot cappuccino flavours and the equipment to go with it.  For more information please click here




Bazaar & Novelty is the exclusive supplier of Carbon's waffle mix in Northwestern Ontario. By just adding water to our mix you can have a batter ready in minutes and be making delicious waffles.  To help wash those waffles down we carry Sun Plus juice in a variety of flavours.  For more information please click here.