Bingo Paper


Bingo Paper


Bazaar & Novelty has a wide selection of bingo paper on offer.  To see more information about our Bingo Paper please click any of the links below: 


Unimax Bingo Paper

Unimax Case Paper

Perfect Max 75

Perfectmax Auditrack

Capitol Paper


Specialty & Novelty Paper

Bazaar & Novelty has a variety of specialty & novelty paper all of which are special order only products.  Our selection is as follows:


Capitol Barber Pole

Capitol BigBurst

Capitol Dual Dab

Capitol Olympic

Capitol Horizon

Capitol Mini Dab All 75

Capitol Pushout

Capitol Quick Dab Pattern

Capitol Red White & Blue

Capitol Starburst 

Capitol 100 Game Novelty 


If you have any questions or want to place an order please contact us here.


Hard/Shutter Bingo Cards 


Please click here for more information.