Bingo Equipment/Nevada Gold

Bingo Equipment

Bazaar & Novelty can supply you with a variety of Bingo Equipment for any size bingo.  From the needs of a weekly 50 person bingo up to those running 3 or more sessions a day we have anything you will need.  Below are our most popular equipment options for your Bingo:


3500 Bingo Blower

Our most economical and budget friendly blower on the market.  Great for smaller weekly bingos!  

Partner up with our Flashpoint software to have digital flashboards!


The Duke

Our most economical console unit that can hook up to existing flashboards.


3322 Hand Crank

The most basic of all units.  Our manual hand crank bingo machine.  Comes complete with call board and bingo balls.  


Flashpoint Video Bingo

A new and innovative way to have a flashboard without the need for an outdated giant wall mount.

This software allows you to create a basic flashboard on a television! 

Perfect for smaller bingos or special event bingos.  




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Nevada Gold Machine


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