Bazaar & Novelty BN1-28 Nevada Tickets

Bazaar & Novelty Break Open Tickets


Bazaar & Novelty has a wide selection of BN tickets available for your store.  Our ticket payout structure and selection is as follows:




A detailed break down of prize payouts can be provided if requested via emai.  The sheet will show each tickets breakdown its prizes and how many winners of each.  Please contact us here if you woud like to see this list.   


Please note this is only a selection of our tickets and subject to availablity.  Other tickets are available on special order basis only.


BN1 Nevada Tickets $0.50

Instant Money, Cabby Cash, Players Pick, Convenience Cash, Cool Cash,

Crazy 8's, Crown Slots, Diamonds to Dollars, Fire Fighter, Jackpot Slots,

Lucky 7, Lucky Chance, One Armed Bandit, Slots of Luck, Super Nevada,

Super Nevada Classic, Super Nevada Gold, Super Nevada Platinum, Ultra Nevada


BN4 Nevada Tickets $1.00

All That Glitters, Gimme The Cash


BN14 Nevada Tickets

Instant Payday, World of Furtune, Reel Jackpot, 100's Gone Wild,

Double Diamond, Mega Moolah, Hot 100's


BN21 Nevada Tickets

Super Nevada, Double Gold


BN26 Nevada Tickets $1.00

Top Heavy, Lots of Cash


BN28 Nevada Tickets $0.50

Super Nevada Max 


BN56 Nevada Tickets $1.00

Hot Balls, Crown Casino, Golf Balls, Snow Balls


BN84 Nevada Tickets $1.00

Blazing Balls




If you have any questions or would like to place an order please contact us here