Ice Cream Mix, Cones, Cone Dip


Bazaar & Novelty services Northwestern Ontario's ice cream demands with an assortment of ice cream cones and waffle cones.  If you need ice cream cones in Northwestern Ontario we are the place to shop!  




  •  #30 (4-6 oz)

  •  #10 (3 oz)

  •  #1 (Special order)


 Waffle Cones

  • Small

  • Medium

  • Large (special order)

  • Medium Jacketed (special order) 

  • Large Waffle Bowls


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Arctic Mist Premium Soft Serve

One of our most popular ice cream products is our shelf stable Arctic Mist premium soft serve.  This is a unique product in that all you need to do is add water to the product to make great tasting ice cream.  Unlike the carton mixes which often only have a 7-10 day shelf life, our product is shelf stable.  It also comes at a fraction of the cost of its real dairy counterparts.  Our mix is available in both vanilla and chocolate. 




Ice Cream Cone Dips


A great option we have to help give you more selection on your ice cream is our variety of cone dips.  Our offers are as follows:



Blue Raspberry


Toasted Coconut

Birthday Cake Confetti 




For more information or too place an order please contact us here.